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*You should have already taken a quiz in class to find out whose cabin you would be in.  If you have not go to the Find Your Cabin page before you begin your research.*

Step 1: Research

First, complete the research sheet by going to Your Cabin and looking for information about your god/goddess.  You will need to find lots of information it help you succeed on your quest.

Step 2: Write a Poem

Second, write a poem to inform and inspire new Half-Bloods.  Fill in the information on the poem form.  When you are done write your poem on the presentation scroll


Step 3: Complete a Camp Cabin Brochure

Third,  create a brochure to persuade a new Half-blood that living in your cabin will be awesome!  Remember Percy had a hard time leaving his mom to go to camp and other campers may as well.  You have to be very convincing!

Learning that your are a HalfBlood can be overwhelming for new arrivals. Your quest is to help Chiron introduce new Halfbloods to camp. 

Your Quest

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